The Heir Of Unnamed Short Stories

Happy weekend!

  I walked away from my last MMC entry quite proud. In a way it reminded me of summer and my summer writing playlists. So, good memories are a plus. 
  Anyway... I was so very content with it, I decided to compile a short story to continue the last one.

  I used one prompt that I randomly found on pinterest. That's about the only one I used. 

The room's dark atmosphere was of great contrast to the beams of light that slipped from the skylight. Lydie moved out from under the bed, and crawled up to her knees. She slowly began to shift from the floor to her feet, scanning the unfamiliar room. A thousand questions echoed through her mind. Countless emotions soared through her body.The light from the skylight hit an old wooden chair that sat propped in the middle of the room. As Lydie moved closer, she saw an envelope. This is [almost] everything I couldn't tell you.
 Discomfort and confusion ran rampant through her. She was hesitant to open it. Suddenly, her fear evolved into curiosity. The burst of interest in the envelope exploded, and she reached quickly for it. She carefully tore it open. Inside there was a paper, with only a few sentences. It began, You will forget about me. But it's okay, I'm used to it. Lydie looked around; nervous. She took a seat on the chair, and hurried to continue reading. I'm sorry I had to leave you alone like this. But it was necessary.Lydie continued, her confusion seemed to be at it's peek. They found out too much. We mustn't discuss names and places, but you must know that everything that happened here was necessary, and for that I have great sorrow. I'll love you forever, and I'll miss you.It ended 'Yours, Teresa'. The bottom  of the paper was folded over, but there was still more black ink words she could see. The words were slightly smudged, and the ink was fresh. She unfolded it, and found a p.s. 'hide or burn this letter'. This shot anxiety throughout Lydie's body. She folded the letter up, and stuffed it in her pocket and looked for an exit from the mysterious room.

Have a great weekend, guys!

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