Tuesday, April 25, 2017

For This is Goodbye... Until I Say Hello Again

  Grand and exhausting afternoon to you, friends and hobbits and those of Rivendell.
First, how's NaNoWriMo moving along for you? What have you been up to lately? Where do you live? I suppose I've been just fine... mostly because I've had so much lovely time to simply throw my head back (though I don't believe that is the proper phrase...) and literally just chill and... ehem... reeeaaaddd.

  I've had many posts planned, so many so many. And I've surely been trying my hardest to write and post them. Really!

  May, thanks for tagging me for several nominations / tags! They're in the works, I swear it. I know another thoughtful and sweet blogger hath tagged me, and thee are blessed! But curses upon me, I can not remember thine name! So thank you, good sir (even though... you're a girl...). I do appreciate it, and am in awe that you thought of my tarty soul!

  But intentions mean nada. So I'm sorry. :( I've been trying to keep up on this blog, not because I must, because I love to! So please, don't think of it as though The Depth Of my Faith has been a trivial chore! Because nae. It's been a gift to have and continue, and I've learned a million things from it.

  But alas, all things must one day come to an end. But no, not a sad and loveless end! But perhaps a joyous end. Of thanksgiving and hearts bestowing joy and laughter! Yes, it completely saddens me to the depth of my heart. But there is good in all losses, I'm sure.

  But why are you leaving? Asks ye of sadness and youth. Well, a few reasons, perhaps.

1. I'm a child of God, and I always will be. But even children must one day grow up... and now is my time to grow up and move past simple joys to, instead, bring great passion among all the children. Passion for a love of Jesus Christ. The Lord may have a hard time getting my attention when i'm so focused on my blog. So I must rededicate my time to a more worthy cause. And my faith is important, so with this blog being called the depth of my faith, one cannot simply abandon their cause to only write about it. So, you might understand that the depth of my faith has dug different roots, and is deeper into my heart. My heart is somewhere else now. So... reason number one; My heart has moved deeper and farther away from blogging.

2. As my (beautiful) family gets bigger and bigger, time becomes sacred. So, blogging may not be the wisest use of my time. I have other passions that I would love to pursue. Like art, and evangelism, and obviously, school and summer. I've got friends, and I've got a life that i feel must be lived before it's over. I'm determined to live more for the Lord and no longer for myself. So I'm letting go of something precious to me. There is not enough time to blog and grow in Christ. So room must be made. Stress must be limited.

  I was sure this was coming, in the form of a hiatus (which I am still confused on the meaning of the word. But I assume it means a break, because whenever a friend uses the word in a post, they leave for a while shortly after...) no doubt. Due to summer, and my wanting to spend more time reading and lazily lounging in the sun.

  For the sweet, sweet hearts who have kindly entered TWPC this month, don't worry! (I'll explain more in a moment.)

  I don't know how long my goodbye and farewell may last. I may be back next month, or maybe this fall. Or maybe even next year. But I promise that when I come back, I will announce the winners of TWPC.

  If I agreed to do an interview or guest post, (Amelia / Emily) I am sorry, but I must cancel.

I will kindly leave my blog up, and I still love comments, and I look forward to all the lovely comments on the posts and will read them when i return! So please, leave me as many as possible!!! I love emails, so email me and tell me that you'll miss me. *sniff sniff*

  And if I never come back... well,

just know that Christ is with me, and He's with you. I'm praying that everyone reading this will one day be Saved.

  I always looked forward to your comments, and I never dreaded having to write a single post. I loved reading all your posts, and I certainly had fun commenting on them! It's such a shame, because I just discovered some new bloggers... and now I can't enjoy their content. Keep doing what you all do, because you're amazing!

  I know that I won't be accessing my email most of the summer, so I won't be chatting with any of you for quite a while.

  Grace, go on ahead with your TWPC posts every month, until I can jump back in. If I never can, feel free to just drop the contest altogether, or give it to Anika. I trust her with my baby. XD

  I don't know if I'll continue to write my novel or not, but I hope one day I can pick it up again!

Have a beautiful end of spring, and rest of Summer! Enjoy  your vacations and your friends and your pool parties! May christ be with you...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

writing, snippets, stuff I said I'd do + how I did

Wowzers. April 22nd already? And not to mention, SATURDAY already? (Bless the Lord, oh my soul! O my soul!) And yikes. NaNo's almost over.

  Okay. So. We better get to work here because I'm a mesily 6.4K words into this thing and even though I have a miniscule goal of 10K (I'll explain myself later, not that I need to, because I honestly don't care about how much y'all look down on me and my little goals because i'm independant and I only care what God thinks, what my parents think, and what I think.) whoa. dark moment. yikes.

My overall goal for April was 10K. April is typically a really busy month (for me, at least), especially with spring kicking in and the snow season winding down, so I set a reasonably dull goal for this month.

  So far, [as of April 22nd] I've written 6491 words. Which basically means I am not going to achieve my goal. And I'm really not too upset about said problemo, mostly because I didn't have high hopes anyway for this month / writing. It was more of a "get off my bum and write SOMETHING" kind of month... a starting-point thing. 

  I've got plans and hopes and dreams [and all beautiful, intuitive things alike] of writing 500 words a day all year. Not only during Camp NaNo and NaNoWriMo months. I'm excited to see how that works out, since I've never had a year-long daily-wordcount. So, basically, If I can stick to that, I'll have written 133491 words by December 31st

  I'm hoping to participate in some word sprints eventually this year, but it's not a set-in-stone goal-- yet. Besides that, there is nothing else I must necessarily do this year. Everything else is really just post-first draft, which should start early 2018. And when that futuristic date comes to be present/past, I'll be diving deeper into character development and plot development and all things second draft. And finally after spending the majority of 2018 almost completely revising (depening on how much needs to be adjusted/erased/fixed), I would like to send it to Alpha readers and an editor, who will basically be proofing it and preparing it for when I submit it to a *publisher

  *i'll be publishing Traditionally

And then, of course, the obvious waiting time between submitting it to a publisher and then getting a yae or a nae. So, basically, It should be ready by... mid 2020

ehem. Sorry 'bout that. I bet you didn't even actually read any of that, since it it literally only me rambling. and rambling. annnnd rambling.

but I'm done rambling now. And we can move on to real important stuff. pinky promise.

And snippets. Today we feature snippets. because snippets are like oxygen; You can never have enough. (Or... can you have enough oxygen? Well, I guess you must at one point... since, you know, we die... eventually. Even if oxygen alone doesn't kill you, it must contribute... right?) Anyway. Snippet time. Get comfy. Eat cake. Drink a beverage of your choice. (i'm just cool like that.)

So, basically, that's the last page of chapter 2. I'm aware that it's not a very cliff-hanger ending, but it felt like a good stopping point for ME as the writer. This next part is the first page of Chapter 3. 

And voila. I'd give y'all more, but I don't want to overload. (I'll probably shower you guys with more snippets May 1st, anyway.)

And finally, a few extra things I wanted to mention. 

  A couple days ago, I did a post about lists and nano and basically brain overload. Annnnd inside that post can be found a list of sorts. goals, to be exact. more like... chores. And I promised to have a post up including how I did on those tid-bit to-do's, so here I am with how I did on what I said I'd do.

1. write/edit/proofread poem for hslda contest (deadline: May 1st)
ehhh.... I'll grade myself. F. I totally forgot about this and... OH MY GOSH WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! #deadlines=yikes I SERIOUSLY HAVE DDDAAAYYYSS LEFT!? 
2. monday-evening; coffee shop/test time:
Ha.ha.ha... ehemm... nope. I didn't end up going because I just decided to stay home and... rest? But! The next day, I wrote 1K words. But that's still no excuse. 
 - 5k words for nano (deadline: monday night)
Nope. Consider me... lazy.
3. 5k words this week (in addition to monday's 5k) (deadline: next monday, april 24th)
Ehem. No. Anyway, I lowered my wordcount, so I only really need to write a little over 3K in order to finish, and that shouldn't be tooooooo hard. So we can discard this goal.

  If I can stick to 450 words until the last day of NaNo, I'll have reached my goal of 10K for April. Small but... nah, just small. 

  So we'll see 'bout all of that.

WAIT! if you havn't gotten your entry for TWPC submitted yet, I suggest you do so quickly. The deadline is April 29th, 2017 (at 11:59 PM your time). The rules and guidlines are all available in my post.  You can email me your entry, or post it on your blog. Prompts are provided.

lots of writing blahhh, ah? What'd you think of the snips? like my hand-drawn graphics? (^^^ made by abby, though. I did the other ones. XD) How's NaNoWriMo going for you? Here's a dare: Describe what YOU think one of my characetrs looks like, or describe YOUR favorite character (one that you've created.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Letter

  Easter Sunday was this past sunday. And I've been thinking less than usual. I've just been standing like an idiot, awe-struck and in wonder of His greatness and the most Beautiful Sacrifice.

(mark 10:24) And they shall mock him, and shall scourge him, and shall spit upon him, and shall kill him: and the third day he shall rise again.

(mark 9:31) because he was teaching his disciples. He said to them, "The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men. They will kill him, and after three days he will rise."

  It's odd / amazing to think that 2,017 years and eight days ago, (approximatly. I don't know what the rules and exact dates are, but that previous calculation makes sense to me) Jesus Christ was crucified. And this past sunday marks the 2,017th year anniversary of the day that Christ fullfilled His promise, and rose from the tomb.

  Thank you, my Father - my Friend. Thank you for the greatest sacrafice that only the sinless could barder.
  If you by chance are reading this, and maybe you celebrate Easter because it's what everyone does, (and HEYO free candy and creepy bunnies!) than just know that I'm praying for you. I'm praying that Christ reveals Himeself to you, that you come to Him.

  Happy Easter, and remember the greatest sacrifice made, and the most exhalting occasion of Christ's rising from the Dead.

  Remember Him.

  Remember Sunday.

  Remember The Sacrifice that Saves us all, if only we believe.

This letter is dedicated to my amazing friend, May. I'm praying for you, and I love you very, very much. Happy Easter!

Monday, April 17, 2017

FOCUS - a bi-monthly writing link-up

We're halfway through NaNoWriMo. Whoopeee. *balloon loses air fast and falls to the floor* At this news, you could be either pumped, or in excruciating pain. or both. if you're that kind of person.

  We're all kind of struggling and lying dead on the floor. Maybe. So, to rescue some of you, I bring questions for you to answer!



FOCUS is a link-up for writers. The questions provided are geared specifically toward discovering the definition, clarity, and vision hidden deep within your writing. 

This link-up is open for participation all year. Questions are posted during the months between camp NaNoWriMo; May 2017,  June 2017


  • Submit your link (to your post) by posting it on your blog and dropping the link in the comments
  • make sure to leave the links to your POST in the comments. (please note that if you ONLY give me the link to your blog, I will not be able to find the entry, and then I can't read your answers!)


*in your challenge post, include the following:
  • the questions
  • what the post's Subject will be (i.e. what novel you're working on)
  • your name *optional*
  • a link to my blog (thedepthofmyfaith7.blogspot.com)
  • the featured image (posted above)


why you should: because you guys have great ideas and I need them to use to generate world-dominating power. duh.

  • Submit as many questions relevent to  the theme as you'd like
  • You may submit in the comments below


  1. We're halfway through NaNoWriMo. How's you're novel going?
  2. Where are you struggling the most in your writing?
  3. Where are you doing the best in your writing?
  4. Music helps. So, what are your writerly idyllic tunes?
  5. Where are you in your wordcount goal? And how do you do with word sprints?
  6. What encourages you to keep writing?
  7. PUSH! How much will you try to write one of these days to burst forward in your wordcount?
  8. What's your strategy for focussing?
  9. What is your favorite element of your novel?
  10. What is your plan after your first draft?
Whooo! Okay! I'm pumped! As you can probably tell. XD I've got ten thousand words to write and less time to do it in. But I believe in myself. Do you believe in YOURself? Will you be participating in FOCUS this month? Leave the link to your post in the comments!

every ounce of my heart + lists because i've got problems

  All too often I look back at how terrible my novel for nano is looking. all too often i look at how i'm just so not prepared for a class I'm co-teaching with my mom this thursday. all too often i look at my calendar and scroll through posts and see that we're halfway through NaNo and i've only written 6k words. 

  i'm trying to go and go and go and go and do it all perfectly, but no one can really know how hard it is except God. 

  I've got acheivment tests coming up for homeschool, i'm only a quarter-way done with my hunters-ed test, i've only run six miles in the last two weeks, i've barely finished my school work every day, annnnd of course I havn't written a post in too long. 

  now don't get me wrong, posting is no chore. I love it! I just would like to get one up every week, and I suck at that. 

  I'm kind of seeing my problem. life. life is my problem. (as much as that is true, that's not my point.) here's my [real] problem. i'm literally pouring every ounce of my heart into every bit of... everything. And that's a recipe for... well, something. The end result is me calling out to God to pull me out of this stage of panic and stress.

  *Which could be good. this could totally just be Jesus letting me get stressed so that I have to run to Him and remember to have Faith that He'll take care of me. Only the angels above know. 

  So... the purpose of this post is... i don't know. I havn't planned that far. O_o no no no, kidding. 

lists. lists is the purpose. I've been needing to get some sort of list up, and I just havn't. 

1. write/edit/proofread poem for hslda contest (deadline: May 1st)
2. monday-evening; coffee shop/test time:
 - 5k words for nano (deadline: monday night)
 - Highschool Acheivment Tests time. *boooooo*
3. 5k words this week (in addition to monday's 5k) (deadline: next monday, april 24th)

Okay, this shouldn't be too hard. There are three things I have to do, + deadlines for each task. easy. 

  I'll be back... hopefully next tuesday. if I don't show up with a post, a goblin ate me. come with your guns, knives, teeth, pitchforks, and all deadly potions to rescue me.

yeahhh, so goes life. how's your April going? How many words have you written? Got any goals for april? talk to me in the comments!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Writer's Prompt Challenge - April Edition

ooookkkkayy. so. welcome to *here comes the cliché* dun dun DUN! The Writer's Prompt Challenge, April edition! In other words, TWPC, the third of it's name. Or just a fun prompt challenge for all writers of all ages of all shapes and sizes, formed by dreams and hopes that have been crushed, but these guys rise above failure and face the fear of writing a short story and become fearless. 

  Alrighty, so. Let's jump into it! 

First order of business,


The Writer's Prompt Challenge (TWPC) is a contest where prompts are provided, and the writers get a chance once a month to write a piece around the prompts/including the prompts. Rules, standards, instructions, and prompts are provided in the monthly challenge post. 


*mine and Grace's submission policies are different, so be aware* 
  • Submit your entry by posting it on your blog or email it to me instead.
  • Your response must range between 150 - 500 words. 
  • The deadline for the contest will be the 12:00 AM (your time!) April 29th, 2017. 
NOTE: because I have a great big (like, HHUUUUGGGEEE) event going on from the 27th to the 30th, I will ONLY judge if I receive a total of 3 entries. If I don't receive as much, all entries will be ignored and the May 2017 edition will begin and be hosted by Grace. Yes, this will inconvenience a lot of you. And I'm sorry. But this is only a one-time thing. ;)
  • make sure to leave the links to your POST in the comments. (please note that if you ONLY give me the link to your blog, I will not count the entry, and it won't be qualified/entered in the challenge. I need the DIRECT link to the post.)

*in your post and your comment on my challenge post, include the following:
  • what prompts you used
  • what theme you used
  • how many words your story is
  • title (if applicable)
  • your name *optional* and age
  • a link to my blog (thedepthofmyfaith7.blogspot.com)
  • the featured image


*Note: You can always combine the prompts into one entry.

(Optional) Write a passage continuing your entry from last week week (or whichever week you'd prefer). If you can, try to continue it using one of the following prompts.
  • Write an entry using these items: footsteps, gun(s), clock
  • Write a scene based on this picture
  • Write a passage either incorporating this phrase OR based on this phrase:  
         "You call this living?"
  • Write a story, featuring or incorporating this acronym: W.H.I.T.E (acronym)
  • Write a story based around this theme: Dystopia OR Rebellion


*please note that my rules vs. Grace's rules are quite different. nevertheless, you must follow our individual sets*
  • I'll except mild (appropriate) romance, mild thriller, anything NOT graphic, and no F-bombs, guys.
  • And seriously, I want nothing more intense than 'his lips wrapped around hers'. To clarify, description is okay. but I mean, nothing more than kissing or holding hands or hugging or maybe cuddling my the fire. Seriously, guys. 
  • no entries with anything more intense than PG-13 (yes, I'm aware that that's a movie rating, but it's the only way y'all have a clear idea of what I'll be accepting)
  • I will not put up anything I find inappropriate. 


*please note that this option is only valid on the challenge posts that I host on my blog. Grace may or may not accept prompts from the participants.
  • You will be able to submit 5 prompts per challenge in the same format as above: three objects, one picture, and a piece of dialogue or phrase, a theme (or two), + an acronym or word to be featured in the story
  • I will choose 5 prompts that have been submitted
  • You may submit in the comments below

Okay, guys! This is your chance to go BIG or go home. So get a hurry on this and write! And I understand that y'all are busy with nano and all, so no pressure. Originally I hadn't planned on posting this because of NaNoWriMo, but then I decided that it would be fine to just go through with a post. ;)

Have you ever competed in TWPC? Will you be competing this round? What prompts will you be submitting? Tell me in the comments!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

5 Proofs of Underdeveloped Characters

  as writers, our characters are our best friends. (and if they're NOT, something's wrong) They must be perfectly flawed*, perfectly human*, and perfectly developed.

*If they're not flawed, they're not real. And if they're not real/believable, your readers will lose respect for you, your novel, and your life. (seriously. don't make them perfect. even ROBOTS mess up.) 

*there's always that writer out there who's main character HAS to be a sass-machine trigger-happy robot girl in the shape of a human. (you may be that writer.) if that's the case, just go with "perfectly robotic" or just "robot". i guess they're pretty much the same. O_o

  (here comes the cliché) but let's cut to the chase. Your readers don't like underdeveloped characters. really. they hate them. so just don't do that.

  but, as a writer, we either are so caught up in our work-of-art that we don't notice that our character is underdeveloped*. or, we are so discouraged that we hate our story and everything in it, even though others see that it's a gem.

  *that's why you need a beta reader

well, hopefully, after reading this, you'll be more aware. (you better be aware because I'm taking my TIME to help the world WRITE BETTER NOVELS. be grateful of me. and be aware of underdeveloped characters. #lifelessons)

  so... here we go! here are the 5 proofs of underdeveloped characters (and how to fix them).


If your main character is doing [for the most part] nothing to help/hinder the goal of the plot, than they're meaningless. (i.g. the effect they'll have on their love interest, the effect they'll have on the villain and their ultimate goal, the emotion they add, etc.) There's no reason for them to be the main characters and they really shouldn't even be a side character. (if they don't set off STRONG emotions for the reader when they die/get injured, or they don't add to the plot, then they're meaningless.)

THE FIX - gosh... there's no easy solution to this. (this would be bad advice, but i'd almost just consider completely cutting that main character from the manuscript and instead appointing one of the most important side characters as the main character. in that case, your manuscript might need some serious sessions of moving stuff around.) rework the plot and give them a stronger (like, waaaayyyyy stronger) personal goal, which will effect their emotions; rendering them a slight hindrance to the ultimate mission, and then maybe show them trying to overcome their grief/emotions and develop an ultimate passion for the plot goal??? 


  this could be a range of things, from never losing a battle, successfully accomplishing everything they do, to their every relationship being perfect and their personality being likeable by even the villain. this makes the character unbelievable, and bores your reader (due to lack of inner/outer conflict) and [especially] makes the reader feel out of touch with their emotions and sentiment for the main character.

THE FIX - this one is so easy, guys. (but don't skip over it, because it is easily one of the most important aspects IN YOUR NOVEL) Give them FLAWS! let them lose every once and awhile. (but be careful not to overdue that, since it may just render your reader hopeless and they'll just say Screw It and drop the sad, hopeless book.) Let them hate people, and visa versa. Let them have unlikeable traits and give them features that they just hate. (don't rely completely on that, because it will only take your reader so long to figure out that the character thinks they're ugly, when in truth they are beautiful. and that is so overused, you'll be thrown under the bus for it.)


YES PEOPLE THIS HAPPENS! The first problem with this is, your reader will think you're a copy cat and throw you under the bus for it. They'll devalue your works and it will [in the end] give you a bad name. (though, that doesn't have much to do with the character's well-being, but... it's still important to remember.) Confusing characters is a bad sign because not only does it devalue you in the eyes of your reader, it devalues your character and everything they do. this WILL annoy your reader (ESPECIALLY if your reader is a fangirl. consider yourself dead.) and RUIN your character's reputation. NOT TO MENTION the fact that your character will not be memorable (#4), and if they will be, they'll be remembered for THAT. and... that pretty much SUCKS.

THE FIX - just DON'T copy someone else's character! It's just THAT EASY! and if YOU are noticing accidental similarities, that's fine. If your character has the same raven black hair color as Katniss Everdeen, but that's basically all they have in common, than it's whatever! The reader most likely WON'T compare the two if that's the only similarity. (chances are, Katniss won't even come to mind.) But looks aren't everything! If your character looks NOTHING like Thomas from The Maze Runner, but they have the same goal (I'm not talking details, so don't try to escape here) and the same antagonist-situation, than... you're copying. whether you meant to do that or not, your reader will know, and they'll me angry. Keeping the personality different is the most important, but keeping looks different is crucial for a memorable character.


(this kind of goes along with #3) For some, I guess, this goes without saying. But, just to state, make sure that you character is memorable. if they're not (honestly, i don't know what is EXACTLY wrong with not having a memorable character, except the fact that your reader won't have a deep emotion for them as they might for other more-memorable characters outside of your book(s)...) than your plot won't be too memorable. take my word for it, even if it doesn't make sense.

THE FIX - make them memorable??? give them traits that stick out, a non-stereotypical personality, etc. For instance, my main character, Jave, has two different color eyes. (brown and a harsh cool blue.) This is something my readers will remember about her.  She's also got a crescent shaped scar running down the side of her face. My character will be memorable. Yours should have features that can be remembered. (they don't have to be weird like mine, they can be subtle. but not TOO subtle.) Thomas from the Maze Runner is slender and he's got deep brown eyes. Katniss from The Hunger Games has dark hair and a timid personality. Tris from Divergent has caramel hair and the tattoo across her color bone, and her shorter hair in alleigent. (it's never completely up to looks, but we're a visual society and we tend to notice outward appearance over inward. Unless it's Katniss, because her personality really really really shines through her.) 


What I mean by 'staying true' is everything. From the way they talk to the way they move. (who got the reference?) Do you have a phrase that you have always used just cause you like the way it sounds or that you've been raised with? Probably! You're a real human! (I think). So, if you want your character to seem real, they should have one, too. They might have a habit that they do when they're stressed. Maybe they bite their nails when they lie. But here's the problem; if you have a scene where they ARE lying, but they're not biting their nails [and even instead they're twisting their hair (which is TOTALLY cliché, so don't do that)] than they're not staying true to themselves. 

THE FIX - write down these trick facts about them on their character sheet. It's not that hard. And whenever you come up to a scene where they're lying, just cue the... the thing they do. (i'll remember the word later. XD ) It's easy, and you have no excuse except ignorance. :P

You'll never be able to get rid of ALL of these completely, but getting most of them is all you can really do. 

  Most importantly, write the character of your dreams. But be cool and develop your character. flat characters suck. and you do NOT want a flat character

Have fun with writing! Create those cool characters, and talk to me in the comments! Have you ever made any of these mistakes? How did you fix it? 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Beautiful Books #3 - April

*re-writes entrance, at loss* *decides this shall do as a 'hello' for today* 

BEAUTIFUL BOOKS. pre-post warning: this post includes multiple instant flails and intense screaming. may send you into shock and possibly render you brain-dead. enter at your own risk.

p.s. CHEERS FOR SECOND EDITION! yep, i DID take the time (about two days) to almost completely rewrite this thing; thus perfecting it. duh. so... leave me a nice comment about how greatful you are. do it.

so, you've ignored my warning? i've got two amazing words for ya; ignorant fools. 

final warning: brace yourselves for #12. or you shall reap only death. beware. beware. 

how's your writing going?

  better than expected. as of april 6th (yes i'm a time traveler. deal.) i pretty much got distracted from writing, thus my word count didn't move up, it just... plummeted. (word of advice, people. don't delete scenes in your writing that don't make sense during nano. you'll die. seriously. i lost 300 words today due to me being-- picky. *facepalm* ) but hey. i'm alive, aren't i? so to answer the bloody question, my writing is fine. how is yours? #writersTryingtobePolite

what's your first sentance/paragraph?

The new Import was just another stitch in the pattern of children who appear in the Facility. Simply another kid who’d wake; memory almost completely washed with only the knowledge of their name left and some shape of a diluted moment in their life; typically missing key names, places, faces, and so on. Only the basic idea was left. A girl lay on the cold, concrete floor. Her breathing was substituted by short, wispy breaths.
do you have a book aesthetic?

that depends. do you mean, a good aesthetic? or... mine? if you answered yes for #1, than... *cough cough* no. no i don't. 

[behold... A terrible aesthetic. NOT PERMANENT GUYS. I'M BETTER THAN THAT]

do you have pictures of each of your characters?

*ehem* i'm a writer. what do you think?

jave .  holden .  will .  cory .  lisa
lily .  becky .  ben  

yeah yeah i'll get pictures of nikolay and jack and gael and treese and kennic soon enough. oh, what was that? you don't know who they are??? well. ehem... i see. well then. moving on!

what scene are you most excited to write?

holden's disappearance, reappearance, and death. XD (it's a love-hate relationship, people. ignore my weirdness. or join in on it. your choice.)

share a snippet or a scene that you really enjoyed writing.

oh yeah, baby! *evil snickers* *petal to the metal. 60 mph. drives away in Lamborghini.*
 “Why’re you helping me?” She said, with a look of disgust pasted on her fair-colored face.  He didn’t reply for a few moments, when he finally gathered up a breath. “That’s a silly question.” he paused for a moment. “Ben thinks you’ll prove useful.” More mystery.  The questions ran rampant through her head, triggering emotions that she hadn’t really commonly felt. “Useful? For what?” Will’s neglect to answer her questions made the suspension build.  “Can’t say.” The wound was clean, for the most part. He stood up to grab the other cloth to wrap around her ankle. “There.” His honey brown eyes seemed too soft for his rough personality. She glowered at him. It made her feel stronger amidst the confusion. The look quickly softened, when she saw a morose and heavy-hearted look in his eyes.  “Sorry for that.” She apologized, her pride fading.  “Whatever, Newbie.” He shot a wry smile. “And don’t worry with those questions--” He began, fading out of his harsh character momentarily, “You'll figure it out.” She didn’t know where she was, or why. All she could seem to understand was the little bits of hope she saw in the hopeless ones around her. “Everyone’s still in the center-house. Maybe if you hurry, you’ll have a chance to eat.” He put out his rough hand. The cuts, variously spread across her palm and forearm, stung a little when she put her hand in his.  “What are you doing?” she grinned a little.  “Not what you’re thinking. Just helpin’.”  “Well.”  “Yeah.”  “Okay, then.”  “Don’t make this awkward, Newbie.”  “Just help me.” She sighed. She squeezed his hand, digging her nails into his flesh.  “Ouch! What the heck was that for?!”  “We wouldn’t want it to look like you like me, now would we?” She rolled her eyes. He hoisted her up, but quickly jerked her over his shoulder, to Jave’s surprise.  “Woops.” She just dangled as he walked.

have any of the plot details, or the process itself, turned out different from what you planned or imagined?

a lot changed. likkkkeee.... all of it? just-- stuff changed! cory turned irish on me... sooo. I added lisa and nik... i hadn't originally intended for treese to be involved. holden wasn't supposed to die. #iwaswrong

is there a character or aspect of your plot that’s difficult to write?
jave is hard altogether, and it's difficult to balance emotions with action. life problems, am i right?

what’s your favorite aspect of this novel so far? Favorite character?
my favorite aspect is the IDEA of the Bug. which, you'll soon find, is an interesting situation. favorite character? probably... Will. 

*side notes
  i told e that i'd add this in my next post. so here it is.

cracks me up every time. love ya, girl. your my girl.

have you drawn off of any life experiences or people you know to create your novel and characters?
  No life experiences, but the reason the whole world is thrown into a massacre, eliminating most of the population, is due to the vaccines of the past. So... in a way, I guess so. Sort of. Characters, yes. Holden is based off a good friend of mine, and Ben is actually (as weird as it sounds) based off of my friend, Esther

do you have a playlist or certain song for your novel and/or characters?

[ yes i did just name that thing 'holden d i e s'... please don't kill me. ]

 Already Gone by Sleeping At Last is the song I plan on listening to when Holden dies. Sorry guys, but spoilers are relevant. Gah, the words. The feels. *dies* 

 Let Her Go [covered] by Tyler Ward is, like, the best and I'm gonna use it to murder ehem... end holden. The Only Exception [covered] by my boy tyler and my girl megan nicole is gonna be a hit for writing said situation with holden. And, of course, anything Bastille.

  Uprising by Audomachine is going to be one of the main thingys on the soundtrack...

But I always seem to find myself using Oblivion, Pompeii (mainly Pompeii, who am I kidding?) and Things We Lost in the Fire all by Bastille as the soundtrack.

  There are, like, twenty others... and I'd just LOOOVE to flail about them all... but I'll just stop here. Because Bastille is enough to sustain me until next beautiful books. + tyler. just-- all of everything.

imagine you are somehow transported into your book’s world. Which character are you most likely to be found hanging out with?

da da da da da da da da da you. can. not. simply. tell. me. that. that. is. possible. and. not. give. me tickets. YOU. ARE. KILLLLLLIINNNG. me. meh. mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh.

how do you keep yourself motivated to finish your daily wordcount?
  It's not hard at all. just. think of it this way. if you're bored with your scene, and need inspiration to keep writing, what do you think your critiquing reader would think? if you're bored, they're bored. and if that's a thing, you've got to delete the problem. (using the DELETE button. yep, it's a thing. you should try it.)

what’s your favorite writing quote or piece of writing advice?
  heh. heh. heheh. *not. funny.* if i'm ever NOT writing, i just picture this;

[ that's motivation enough ]

how does this book make you feel so far? Are you laughing? Crying? Frustrated?

  Most of the time I'm just thinking, "How on earth can this be happening?! How are they going to get out of here? Why is Gael such a devil?!" I'm laughing 50% of the time, and wishing Will were a real person the other 50%. 

yes yes yes yes talk to me! Did you, or did you not, enjoy this post? nah, i don't care. let's get down to serious buisiness and pineapples; tell me about your main character, what your world is like, and your reaction to Arnold Schwarzenegger handing you a ticket to your fictional world. seriously. i'd die. also, cheers for second edition!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Progress in March, Progress in Camp NaNo


  I would love to talk about something not NaNo-related, or even writing-related... but unfortunately, I'm incapable of doing so.

  So here I am. Telling you about what I did to prepare for writing in March, and if I did well in that area or not, + my progress in NaNo, which in my opinion is #important!

  Whether I'm failing or not, you'll see soon. Because it's obvious.

In March, (more accurately; late march), I ditched further development. 

  I never thought those words would actually... come. 

But it's true. 

I think we can say that I'm a terrible writer for doing so. And I feel like said terrible person.

  But hear me out! If I have to recall what I ACTUALLY developed, I would say I don't know. But. If you check out one of my several Beautiful Books/People posts, you'll probably notice that I did, in fact, do something useful. Which, I might add, I did very well on.

And then, of course, crazy things happened between these events...

And I'd love to post the link to my March MMC entry... but I won't. Because I can.

So... yeah! I did something. Not much. But something.

And, mysterious enough, I *accidently* bought snacks for NaNoWriMo. Yeah. I did. And I'm quite proud. 

  Normally I don't go and buy stuff just for something... but I did this time.

By accident.

  I went to Trader Joe's and got *hides from crowd of adult-like teens* Cheddar Rockets, and *less embarrassing-ly(?)* Peanut Butter-stuffed pretzel things. Which. I. Love.

  And of course, with me having to completely put a halt to sugar and cheese, homemade smoothies. 

So, that's my writing diet. I'm that cool. I have a WRITING DIET. Please, don't bow. It's quite pathetic.

  And. On March 31st, the eve of Camp NaNo, I did a word sprint! If you think I'm awesome for eating food, you'll just be in awe at me for this. *not really because I suck and I on;lay wrote so little*

  I wrote 3,057 words that day. Ah. It's whatever. *despite how little I wrote, I'm really proud. That's like- awesome, for me.

 On Saturday (the first day of NaNoWriMo) I wrote 652 words, surpassing my goal of 500 for the day.

  On Sunday (yesterday) I wrote 777. (I went on a little bit of a day-trip/vacation, so I made a goal for three-hundred, for me to do when I got home. But! I passed that goal! How? I have no idea!)

  And today (Monday) I wrote 552. I could have written more, but why? I'm scheduled to finish on April 9th. Why rush?

  I'm setting a basic goal of 500 words every day, (with an exception for certain weird days where I'll probably make a 300-word goal.) + Fridays which I TRY to write 700 words.

  AND!  I lowered my goal from 20K to 15K. Why? Because IT'S HARD TO WRITE ON AN IPAD!

And since 500 words is SO easy to do daily, I'll probably continue like so even after April ends. I might make it a thing I do year-round.

So, writing is going well! But I have to admit that I do feel like I under-achieved during March... which I hardly ever do. I'm an over-achiever. I work. And work. And work.

  But then again, I was really busy switching over to Blogger in March, so I guess for what was going on, I did good.

  And before I go, here's a snippet.


The blaring noises and flickering lights brought the other kids from from their sleep. Jave sat up, in a state of worry. She quickly jumped out of the bed and knelt beside Ben, hoping to assist in any way she could. Something told her she was overstepping her boundaries by helping, but she ignored the feeling and just sat, panicking.
“Jack, hey… hey…” Ben sat beside the boy, moving his course, dirty blond hair out of his eyes. Sweat trickled down his forehead, spilling down the choppy bangs.
  “What’s wrong with him?” She worried.
  “Since he came, every night he has an attack.” Cory answered from his bed in the shadows. His light Scottish accent both lightened and deepened the situation.
  “Will he be okay?” She worried.
  No one replied. The groaning softened, as he laid his head down on the sweat-soaked pillow.
  “He’s always fine.” Ben said.
  “What causes it?”
  “None of us really know for a fact, but some say it’s just stress.” Ben pinched his lips together, looking upset. “Go to bed, guys.” Ben stood up, walking over to the light switch. In a moment, the lights flickered heavily, then instantly went black. Everyone laid back down, and went back to sleep. Ben tore down the covers from his bed, and made a bed on the floor next to Jack’s bed.
  “What are you doing?” Jave asked.
  “Sleeping.” Ben said, more grumpy than usual.
  “Why on the floor?”
  “His second attack’ll come soon.”
  “I’ll stay with you, if you want.” Jave added. She looked him in the eyes, hinting a little bit that she may or may not like him. He just looked at her instead of answering.
  “Nah. You better just go to bed.” Well that ruined the moment. Jave thought. She climbed back into her bed.
“Goodnight, Jave.” He said from the floor, settled in.
  “Night.” She closed her eyes, just thinking. Everything weird, everything confusing, every reference and question… continuing to build to the pile of shattered glass; or what had been, once, her life.
  As she began to drift away into her sleep, the siren began blaring. The red lights flooded the darkness. It never ends, does it.


Okay. So... we can admit that my writing sucks, and that Draft #2 will rescue me from... death.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to say that I'm not going to completely stress over Development until Draft 2, because I can add and take out stuff then. I'll do a lot of the hard stuff then. I'd just really like to write a little NOW.
What's on YOUR menu for NaNo? What did you accomplish during March? Snippet thoughts? What's your wordcount? Yes. I'm asking you to brag and slightly exaggerate. *slightly* Talk to me in the comments!