Saturday, May 27, 2017

may happened, by the way \\ recap

  So this was a peculiar month, to say the least.

If i said it was a fun month, you'd know i was just being lazy and had no other word to use. no, May was actually a really amazing month. if you want be to be poetic, i figured out through this month that it doesn't matter if you're already almost halfway through something... it's never too late to make everything seem so new and fresh.


i think my life sounds more poetic when i write it. (trust me, it does.) anyway.

christine searched for a [long overdue] unabridged copy of Little Women and, after a year of reading the ABRIDGED version, SHE GAVE ME THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK. i'm cherishing it's beauty my photographing it. sue me (please don't, i'm trying to save up for college, and i'm at, like, $10. what's their to sue?!)
[i thought that having my knee in the picture would look amazing and it is just beautiful]

And I forgot about this, but I found this AWESOME (like, beyond awesome) youtube channel called Milabu. Usually, i'm not the type to be interested in hair (because frankly it's gross and oily unless it's mine) but... SHE HAS SHORT HAIR LIKE ME AND HER HAIRSTYLES ARE BASICALLY ALL USEFUL FOR MY SAD HAIR THAT USUALLY SNUGGLES IN MY FACE OR IN A MESSY BUN. I watched a few of her videos, subscribed OBVIOUSLY (which I HARDLY do unless I SERIOUSLY like this thing!!!) and basically got to using the videos right away. (one more thing: she has a slant and stack JUST LIKE ME so it's like perfect!!!)

okay no joke this was the best video ever. (if you're wondering, I use literally all of these now, besides the ones I ALREADY used.)

and while we're at it...

I'm obsessed with Vivien Reis's channel. It's proven useful for me time and time again and I urge you to GO CHECK IT OUT. It's amazing. And it helps A LOT.

and again, one of my favorite videos.

  I wrote 2948 this May... which is weird, because everyday I hardly even wrote... i just popped on and wrote a paragraph each day. i guess that built up?

  and: for future reference, i wrote *that* in my 2017 WIP, creation x or facility 52 or In the company of the resistance or whatever you want to call it.

ooooh and looky!!! right before I discovered Milabu, I was watching smurfs and I found a real. life. picture of Jave and her "crew"!!!! COME ON! that's funny!!!
  i've been TRYING to make an aesthetic, but I really just suck at that. 

because i just had so much going on in may and april, i decided to temperarily drop working on my cover, until things got a little more organized. but i'm hoping to continue the cover in june.

i'm almost 100% sure i won't be able to do NaNo this july because there will be a lot of me not being home and with all that, the little time that i AM home, i'd like to be just chilling. so that's on hold... well, not on HOLD, just not gonna be a thing... until november that is.

i'd really like to finish the physical plot outline on my wall sometime these next few months... but we'll see.
  but my number uno thing is to maybe develop the characters more (again, we'll see.) 
  and this is like so not important, but i. need. to. brainstorm. story. plot. twists.
annnd as usual, pinterest is always on the front burner. no duh.

[this has to be one of my favorite telepathy convo moments between jave & ben]

Did i not say that jave was basically adapting telepathy throughout chapter 3-4? oopsies. surprise! plot twist! 
  in all seriousness, though, it's a dramatic changing for her and you have to just lay off. She gets HUGE migrains and basically wants to fall to the floor. it hurts like crazy. So be respectful. hmph.

many roads by andrew peterson
fool with a fancy guitar by andrew peterson
old pine by ben howard
only love by ben howard

may was so dosile for my little blog but I managed to get a late april recap post up because "late april" is actually May 4th.

and i believe there was a beautiful books post with a lousy title somewhere... maybe written in May.

annnd of this one I am SURE! I was honored to be nominated by a friend for an evil writer's tag. (this is so terrible that this is my favorite award ever. thank you so much for confirming that I am Loki, Anna, thank you.)

I almost forgot: I'm staying off the internet the whole of each month, and the last weekend of each month, I basically will post a few times, answer comments and emails and stuff like pizza and chocolate, and the rest of the month, count on me chilling, eating, cleaning, journalling, drinking tea, and reading my Bible in a cold, fresh, Apple-cider scented room... hopefully in my bed. 

HOW WAS YOUR MAY? What project are you curently working on? seriously, i really like to know about this stuff. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

evil writer's award... mwahahaha

hello freaky writers, or non-writers. either way, hey. here's a post, and here's also an award I got. I nominated a few people, and then I went on with life. the end. read the post, and have fun!
once upon a time i was a sane, merciful writer. then one day it clicked. i wasn't anymore. and i officially became evil. eventually my writer buddies took notice of my terribly frightening and wonderful abilities and decided to make up an award to make me feel like i wasn't a complete physcho. so, this is for those people who knew all along i was crazy. cheers!
Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.00.47 PMAnd for this bewildering nomination, thanks, anna so so so much! (you have to be one of my favorite writing frens, so kudos to you for being evil just. like. me.)

here's what to do (and what i'll not be doing...)

  • Give all credit to the Evil Overlord and genius, kate, for creating this award.
  • Give a smaller amount of credit to the Evil Writer who tagged you (which means fall on your hands and knees and thank me for nominating you).
  • Tag at least two people.
credit and this award's glory be to kate, she who hails from story and dark chocolate. and who is credited for the fun? well, the most dear Anna at Writerly Wonderings (previously Swords and Quills, i believe...)

q u e s t i o n s

How many characters do you typically kill per book? And how many people have you killed in real life, dear? Do you… feel any remorse about this? I’m concerned about you.

(Oh, drat! she's found me out! I must fled to the border before... before it's too late!!!) Goodness, per book. by the end of the book, half the characters are probably dead or missing in action. by the end of the series... almost all of them, except the protagnist and the antognists legacy.

Do you prefer to use weapons of mass destruction like explosions and famine and world war or more personal torture like killing family and friends and pets?

well, aren't you a fun person to have a conversation with! seriously, I use mostly disease, viruses, and tellement of the sort. Nonetheless I do use personal stuff, too... it's plit perhapse 60% 40%.

Are you more like Loki, who perpetrates great evil with a creepy grin, or… give me a minute… Darth Vader, who secretly weeps inside his… fake head, whilst destroying the world?

Loki, no doubt... although,-- nope, that's all I've got.

What is the most dastardly crime you have ever committed as a writer?

Oh, goodness... lying to my betas and telling them that so-and-so lives when, in reality, he dies a dreadful, gruesome death. Other than that, I am quite guilty of killing basically every character I create. #notsorry

What kind of chocolate do you most like to devour as you burn things? White, milk, semisweet, or dark? Bonus points if you are so evil you find unsweetened cacao palatable!

ha.ha.ha. well, I can't eat sugar for two reasons; one, It will spike my bloodsugar and I may get really sick. And two, I just don't like sugar in general. But if forced, WHITE CHOCOLATE.

What is your villainous title? You may not have “Evil Overlord” because that one’s mine.

hehehehehehe... Strategic Mastermind, Ruler Of Ye Pitful Ones. How's that!?

Which of your characters would actually be a match for you if you were to duke it out one on one?

Ben or Will. You might not believe how strong I am and how easily I take down people. Still working on being feminine, people. 

Which character, in all the many books you have undoubtedly written, is most likely to be your Archnemesis?

ehhh... surprisingly, lisa. goodness, she annoys me.

Do you wear a cape? Face paint? A mask? Special underpants? Or do you hide in plain sight… like Moriarty? Give me details!

Oh, darling... I'm a writer. My very nature is frightening. My very voice is to be feared. And my words are like poison. I'm a modern Moriaty, my feeble-minded freak.

How do you react when you have to kill off a character that is dear to you? 

I usually have it all planned out before I start writing, so it's kind of like...

I'm not surprised, I'm not sad, but I am a little disappointed-- that I didn't find a better way to kill you.

Do you laugh evilly out loud?

heheheheh no. unless it's a really good idea. then I smile evilly. 

 Do you chuckle under your breath and quickly glance around for your next victim? 

Oh yeah, baby. Do I ever.

Do you go and weep in a corner for a month because you just lost a best friend? Or do you just shrug indifferently?

If you had to choose a fictional villain (from book, movies, etc.) to sum up your villainous style as an evil writer, who would it be? Why?

Murdock from MacGyver. He's cunning and clever, NEVER gives up, always seems to freak people out, and he's got an awesome scar.

e v i l    p e o p l e

anyone who killed a character in their novel in 2017

q u e s t i o n s

How many characters do you typically kill per book? And how many people have you killed in real life, dear? Do you… feel any remorse about this? I’m concerned about you.
  • What urges you to kill a character?
  • How do you usually kill a character?
  • What makes you so EVIL as a writer?
  • pros and cons of being heartless?
  • (to steal anna's) What is your villainous title? 
  • Do you favor male characters or female character when deciding which gender they should be? (do you have more males or females)
  • (to wharp anna's) Which good character, in all the many books you have written, is most likely to be your Archnemesis?
  • Do you kill characters for fun? or is it a "neccessary evil"?
  • When did you turn to the dark side, darling? (when, about, were you officially evil?)
  • What is your usual eat when you kill things? (in writing. unobviously.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jave 2.0 - beautiful people #3 / TWPC Bulletin

questions and photo: Skye Thank you, girly!
*cue hhheeeeyyyyy* Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy! Happy mid-May, and how's it going? Good, glad to hear it. Well, because we've got a post to get through today, we better get to it. But then again, it's not that long... so it might not be such a huge deal. Wait, what was that? What!? There's going to be a *bulletin at the end of this post? Well, I guess there will be more than just a post. Cool! 

  Anyway. This is officially Jave's 2nd character development post (submitted under the Beautiful People meme), so basically, Jave has been upgraded to Jave 2.0, because now she's not just Jave, or Jave 1.0, she's Jave 2.0! Because this will be her SECOND character thing. get it? got it? Good.

*if you are competing in April's TWPC (or plan to EVER compete), please either skip to the bulletin before you forget, or continue with the post and remember to read it when you finish.

do they get nightmares? if so, why or what of?
  Yes, definitely. As time goes on, memories come back in the form of nightmares. Codes and images flash in spurts. The memories are basically just like a title for the codes; they are more of a translation of the code.

what is their biggest guilty pleasure/secret shame?
Biggest guilty pleasure/secret shame... tough one. (I don't think I even have one of those...) Well, I'll have to think about that. I'll get back to you on that in a future post! #raincheck

are they easily persuaded or do they need more proof?
Jave is pretty stuck in her ideas and opinions, so I guess you could say no she's not easily dragged away from a certain idea to quickly traid it in for another. Unless, of course, it makes perfect sense to her and it works on her terms.

do they suffer from any phobias? Does it affect their life in a big way?
I suppose in a way, Jave may have a minor form of what might look like Metathesiophobia (fear of changes). It both impacts the story in major ways, but at the same time, it does nearly nothing to the plot itself. I guess it may add to her being hesitant about basically everything throughout the entire plot... but speaking generally, I think it doesn't do much.

what do they consider their “Achilles heel”?
  Definitely her family and simple life/up-bringing. It's especially a weakness in these many ways:

- it allowed her to get comfortable with life

- it most-likely scared her away from the idea of change (maybe resulting in said-Metathesiophobia)

- she had a very close relationship with her family growing up so she felt safe

- there was almost zero problems (resulting in the future pain and suffering she would have to endure feeling more extreme than usual)
- her parents were lacking hardly anything when it came to loving and caring for her and her sister (except maybe money, which wasn't too big of a problem since they were just the regular slightly-below-middle-class single-income family) 
  So, even though she denies this accused-weakness, she certainly believes it is what they say; if not more than what they say.

how do they handle a crisis?
Not well. Clearly (as I said in the last question) her Achilles heel has basically done anything it could to prevent crisis. Thus, resulting in seldom knowledge of what to do when HEYO WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING!? But besides from being almost completely sheltered from disaster her whole life until #realworld happened, I guess once she gets her head on right, she can begin to work at it and with a good motivation, can get pretty far. But let's be real. A teenager/adult girl can only get so far on their own with a problem. Seriously. And that's why Will, Ben, Cory, and a few other people walked into the story!!!! The end.

do they have a temper? 
Naturally, Jave's really opinionated. She's certainly got an attitude, but always at the wrong time (unlike basically EVERY other female protagonist who are just perfectly sassy at the right time every time.) I wouldn't say she has a HUGE temper, or even as much as Becky does. But, I guess, like any other human, if you stuck her and my seven-year-old brother in a small room for twenty minutes, a temper would definitely become apparent. 

what are their core values/belief's morals?
core values (pre-exile): loyalty, family
core values (post-exile): loyalty, never give 100% of your trust to anyone, 

  And this is actually something really hard for me to figure out... how to (and if a good idea) incorporate Christianity into my story. I'm not going to give her a certain belief system, but I hope to pain an analogy throughout the story, and incorporate biblical messages (hopefully).

what things do they value most in life?
By the end of this whole fiasco, her life and her freedom. Pre-fiasco? family and safety. (Post-fiasco, safety becomes irrelevant).

what is one major event that helped shape who they are?
Surprisingly, everything pre-documented (what happened before the novel's setting and scene) didn't nearly change her as much as the loss of her friend-but-nothing-more-at-least-to-her, Holden. The people she was around through said-fiasco really shaped her, in their own weird ways. 

Alright, time for the bulletin. On the 28th of this month, I hope to get the TWPC post up, with the winners of this past challenge. I'm still thinking out the details, and I have to talk to Grace about it, but there is a chance there will be some changes with TWPC coming. not soon, but coming. ;) So, make sure to keep an eye out for the post which will be arriving (as I said) on the 28th of May! If you havn't got your entry in, well, too late. Sorry! And if you have fun with TWPC and want to keep 'em coming, please leave #keepTWPCgoing in the comment section! Thanks, and let's say goo'bye in the comments!
did you get to take a peek into Jave's character a little more? how's writing going? what is your FAVORITE character in any of your stories or literature in general? Don't forget to drop a #keepTWPCgoing in the comments! Talk to you soon, and bring me back something french!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

april and the bygone moon / recap

  April was the most distraught month of 2017 (for me, at least). It was a bit more stress than fun... but nevertheless, I learned some things that will result in greatness! that didn't make much sense... O_o  It was just too hard to relax, since there was a lot on my mind with blogging and writing and pretty much keeping up on life. yes talking about stress is stressing me out. 

writing progress

writer: I was doing so good, I swear! 
human: than why did you fail?
writer: I didn't fail.
human: ahuh.
writer: pff. 
human: why did you fail?
writer: because I got to ahead of myself for being... ahead of myself. O_o

Obviously, I didn't complete my word goal. But I wouldn't say that I lost. I gained much intellectual... stuff. And I came out of it all with 7K words. SOOO THHHERE. Ehem. Now, back to the topic. I did well, but I didn't win. I did fine, but I didn't do great. I tried, but obviously, not hard enough. XD better luck for moi in July! 

BTW, I'm trying to write 300 words a day, all year long. That should amount for a bit of my novel, no doubt. ;)

tuning out

first, a beautiful books post
then a(nother!) post about underdeveloped characters
and one about a prompt challenge I host
+ something about hearts and lists
...and a bi-monthly link-up post?
an Easter letter, too! 
more writing + snippets and popular failures!
and then my temporary goodbye.


  I'm figuring that if I spend at least five hours at the end of each month transferring my handwritten stuff onto my digital copy, I can have a few minutes to type up a recap post. so, while I may not (currently) be posting once a week or so, I may be able to write a recap post at the end of each month.  hmph.

Overall, I have my regrets about the month. But it wasn't all bad, of course! My best friend ever came all the way from far far away (the trip from the Shire to Narnia was torture, she claims.) JUST to visit with me for two days!!! We got so many cute pictures, and are working on a photobook to remind us of her brief vacation to Narnia! So, tons of fun there.

I suppose that's all for April's recap post! I hope to talk to all of you in the comments soon, and have a very very very amazing May!

How was April on your end of the train to Narnia? What have you been writing, reading, listening to lately? Finally, did you win NaNo? Talk to me in the comments, so we may civilly discuss all things fiction and such. civilly, mind you!