Monday, June 26, 2017

on DIVERSITY in our YA

I've got to say that this is something you might least expect from a writer/reader in our modern society.

I don't believe in diversity in books.

You must think I'm crazy right now. I am, but not in this area. You have a right too. Just like you also have the right to choose to or not to incorperate diversity into your writing.

  Honestly, this is crazy. This whole "diversity" thing. People have been going way over the top with this. I've read countless posts on this, heard so many people shove it down other's throats, and so on and so forth.

As I say this, most of you who don't know me well are probaby awe-struck, convinced that i'm racist or sexist or something like that. But listen.

I'm not biased.

I have my own opinions, of course. Which means that here and now I won't not offend anyone, because I can guarntee what I'm about to say will bother a few of you. And that's okay. You'll have to deal with it. You've all had a chance to speak, and I have respected each and every word you've said. But now it's my turn, and it's only fair that you hear me out, be kind with your words, or kindly leave.

here's what I'm trying to say.

I don't find writing about characters who are different wrong at all.

And if that's what you feel you want to write about, I encourage you! But surely! It's not something you have to do. It's not something you should have to acheieve.

  We're writers! We write what we want to write, and that's called CREATIVITY. We're all unique in what we write and how we write it! But now, it's becoming a check box! It's becoming something that you must do, and if you DON'T, you get bullied and told you're doing it wrong. You're WRITING WRONG.

  Isn't that BIASED? Shouldn't we be able to write what we want to write? Whether or not it pleases everyone!

  There is nothing wrong with writing about characters of something different. But there is something wrong if you feel a pressure.

So I'm just here to say,

Don't feel like you have to write about a diverse main character.

You don't.

Write what you want to write. 

You don't have to be diverse if you don't feel like it works with your writing.

It's not that I disagree with diversity in books. I have no opinion. If you want it in YOUR writing, go for it. If you don't, don't feel the pressure they put on all writers.

Write what YOU feel like writing!!! Don't write what THEY want.

This was clearly a rant, but I hope maybe you feel different about diversity in YA. Please just write what God puts on your heart. Forget about Society's standards. You don't have to do what they want.

Have a great week, guys.

" But there's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark
You should know you're beautiful just the way you are
And you don't have to change a thing
The world could change its heart

God made you the way you are for a reason. And if the world doesn't agree with God on what you should look like, then too bad for them. Because Jesus Christ made you and he loves you and he not only accepts what you look like, but he CREATED you to be the way you are. Not to say that you aren't a sinful person, because all of us are. But once you've turned your sin, shame, and heart over to the Lord, you're clean. you're beautiful. God loves you. 

The image that you praise, the girl you see who appears flawless and unique and lovable, without shame or hurt, remember that she's not you. God made her so very different. 

  These things are here to distract you from God. So give your worries and your pain to God.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Guest Character Interview: Eira

Today I had the opportunity to talk* with Anika from This Journey Called Life, for the very exciting chance to do an interview with the main character from her novella that she'll be entering in a Snow White Retelling contest. Her unnamed novella is in it's first stages of Drafting. Her goal will be to write a warped retelling of the fun classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

*ON THE PHONE people. How many of you have done that?!

  The character I'll be interviewing is Eira, and as I said, she's the main character in Anika's Snow White Retelling. If you want to learn a little more about Eira, leave a comment below, and we'll have to do another interview!

  Anika and I are swapping interviews for our blogs! And hopefully this week I can post the interview she did with my character, Rory! Who knows! We're living life on the wild side, right, Ani? Not sticking to our schedules! Staying up fifteen minutes past ten! And jumping on the no-bounce couches!!! We're epic!

  Hopefully now we can maybe get on to this little thing we did called an "interview"! 

questions in bold, answers in regular format. Additional / post-interview comments italicized. Seven questions.

1. Where is Eira from?

She's from the Kingdom of Oceakar, pre-North Sidia. Her parents are the rulers of the Kingdom.

2. Does she have siblings?
No, she's an only child. 

3. What is Eira's BIGGEST fear?

She has a CRAZY fear of Storms. Whenever she's out side and there's a storm going on, she's PETRIFIED. Guys, we should have a fictional character therapy / support group for this kind of stuff!

4. In the story, does she have a crush?

Oh, darlings, it's a forbidden love! She's friends with this really amazing soldier from another army who they happen to be fighting and they become friends, and that basically evolves into loveeeeeee. :) If you're wondering, his name is Aadam. 

5. Plot twist that changes Eira?

I can't really quote her on any of this because I don't know what stuff she wants y'all to know, so I'll just let her pick her timing and not say anything much. But I'm pretty she's okay with you knowing about *BEEEEEEEEP* adoption of *BEEEEEEEEEEP*. And then the death of *BEEEEEEEEEP*. Spoiler-proof sensors. 

(this is all i can quote her on) stuff changes. 

6. Does Eira have a best friend?

This IS a Snow White Retelling, so yes, you guessed it, her good friends are the dwarfs. But she's closest to Tamar, "Dopey".
7. Random fact about Eira?

Ironically enough, her favorite food / fruit are apples.


That wraps up my interview with Eira! What did you think of her? I really like her a lot, and I can't wait to see where Anika goes with her! Anika, I had fun doing this, and I can't wait to do more!
  By the way of life, please be sure to check out Anika's main domain This Journey Called Life, and her side-blog, The Beauty of Words. And seriously, enjoy your stay! It's an amazing place to be, honestly! To read more about Eira, check around Anika's blogs and you'll certainly get more info out of her than me... for sure. 

Bye until I say Hello,

Saturday, June 17, 2017

somewhat strange, if I may - Rory Story

For the first time since January, and for the completely first time on the second The Depth of my Faith, i'm introducing a somewhat strange (if I may) project of my own.

  At this point, it has no real name, so since it was born, i've been calling it Rory Story. And on, that is not my impression of Scooby-Doo saying "Story! Story!"

  No, it's much better. It's the pathetic title, repeating the main characters name and then placing "Story" Infront of it. Voila #titlingskills*

*what is so weird about hashtags? Will we ever solve this thing, E? I just feel weird writing "#"

  Anyway, it's sort of fantasy with a bit of the style of steampunk (don't take my word for the steampunk part because I know BARELY anything about it, really. So for you Steampunk fanatics, don't arrest me for misusing your beautiful word.) and kind of some odd bonds when it comes to the Gables.

  but how did it come about?

I will forever remember this. For Writing Class, the assignment was "Write a retelling of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and basically make it epic." So... since I had some testing for our Homeschool to do anyway, I figured I'd just take off and take care of my Composition and testing in one swoop at an amazing coffee shop.

  Well. At perhapse 10 this morning, I finished my tests at our friendly neighboring city's BEAUTIFUL coffee shop. It literally took thirty minutes folks. Key word = literally.

Then to my composition. Well, I sort of had an idea of what twist I wanted to put on it... but when I started writing and reached what turned out to be 27 paragraphs and what I THINK (I'm doing my best to remember, but don't be too harsh if it's not correct) was 67 sentances in about an hour, I realized the limit was a measily 6 paragraphs, and 30 sentances. Yikes. But seriously, I had only begun with the intro, and hadn't even gotten to the real story yet! And the worst part was, it was going SUPER well. Like, I was amazed. It was perfect. Well, obviously, I couldn't use it for the composition homework because that would mean in order to meet the limit guidlines, I would have to cut this thing in quarters. And if I were to meet the retelling guidlines, I would basically end up turning this thing into a novel. And I really wanted to go home tonight. :)

  So... I kept this story for myself and wrote a quick, thorough version of the boy who cried wolf. And it turned out pretty cool. But not as cool as my WORK. OF. ART!!!! So I got the composition done and kept working on my useless fantasy genre junk.

Now it's 4:12 pm and i've written almost 2K words. Versus my original 120.

No need to call the homework cops, I did my school, meeting ALL the requirements, too!!! It's a basic compostion and slightly frightening.

I'll be turning this into my mom on Monday, if anyone cares.

And maybe if you're curious, here's a snippet from Rory's Story.

Judging from my memory (not much to go on ;D ) at that point in the story, I havn't yet introduced Rory or Beth. Maybe more snippets later if I remember. But for now, I'll leave you with that.

  Farewell, strangers!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

a challenge + a discussion - summer 2017

How we doing tonight?

Good, i'm sure. since most of you are getting out of school this week or have already finished. Have fun with that.

  I just popped back for a few moments to say a few things before I get too busy to say them.

1. this whole summer with the exception of the beginning of August is going to be PACKED for me and my awesome life

- this means:
  no posts probably
  no writing PROBABLY
  nothing that i would usually do on the internet. at all.

That being said, I have a challenge for you. Until I have a little bit of down time around September when cross country and soccer start up again, i'm challenging y'all to write a novella. this will HOPEFULLY entertain you by making up for many lost and overdue TWPCs. I'll put some rules down on the prompt page on the top right hand corner of my blog so you can see what you're getting your writers selves into. Rules and such will be at the TOP of the page under something bright red

TWPC is on hold until Fall. But go ahead and try this one! It's TWPC still, just a different branch of sorts. And if y'all enjoy it, I could do one next year. Who knows! Anyway...

  Pop over THERE and read the rules and such if you're interested. 

2. this blog is under major reconstruction. major being a key word. So if by chance you are a private reader on this site, please forgive the messy stuff. And if you're reading this in your INBOX, and are NOT a private reader, go ahead and send me an email asking for permission to view the site if you MUST browse the blog and follow the new journeys.

3. Over the summer, i'll be working on a special project that I hope to get up and posted by mid-fall! It'll be so much fun and really just a great pastime. + I'll be contacting a few of y'all and requesting that you enjoy a bit of the project WITH me. So look forward to the post because I know it'll inspire you and really make you want to try to do it yourself. :)

for now, that's all! I can't wait to hear from y'all and hopefully get some participants!!!!

are you planning on an awesome summer? What are some happenings in your life right about now? do you have an projects that you're working on? talk to me in the comments and have a great summer!