with love, Allie

LUKE 22:46

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Allie, I'm a daughter of the Lord Jesus Christ, doing my best to serve and obey Him, living day by day in faith. All I truly want is to live a life that glorifies God through my walk with Him, through the way I honor and respect my parents, through the way I am a loving witness and an example to my brother and sisters, and through the way I will one day respect, honor, and love my husband, love, nourish, and nurture my children, and make a beautiful, peaceful, loving, God-honoring home. And as for how I'm feeling this moment, I'm realizing the opportunities the Lord has given me to talk to y'all about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It gives me excitement just THINKING about how the Lord will use me in the future, maybe even more than right now.

A little more about me down below!

- I love plants and flowers, among all of my Lord's creations!
- I love reading. My favorite books are Teaching From Rest, by Sarah Mackenzie and Raising Maiden's Of Virtue, by Stacy McDonald.
- My love for writing has slightly dissolved, only a bit, over the last couple months. Yet, I still do REALLY enjoy writing and practice from time to time.
- I love to practice Art and hoping to study Studio Arts in College in a couple years.
- I am slightly mad over Autumn and all it has to offer ;)
- I may be slightly obsessed with Pinterest.
- I have Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue, and I mean it when I say it, the LORD is my stay.
- I really love the Farmhouse style homes and kitchens
- I'm trying to start a Bullet Journal, and am working on my Prayer Journal over the summer as I get it set up. :)

thanks so much for stopping in :) links below for whatever it may ease.

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