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Hi! I'm Allie! I'm the author of this blog. I'm an Evangelical Christian, who believes that God the Father sent His son down to Earth to die on the cross for the sins of everyone who would accept Him into their hearts and believe the story of the Crucifixtion. I believe that if you do not accept the Lord, continuing to ignore him till death, you will not see the Lord in heaven, after it all is said and done. 

  And that's where I take a step in, placing myself in the midst of a 'distracted' world, to shine Jesus' light and teach everyone about his eternal and unconditional love. 

I'm a Christian, which means, basically, that I'm not perfect. Quite the oposite, actually. Being a Christian means recognizing my unfathomable sin and realizing that, ultimatly, if I don't be completely perfect all of the sudden, I'm going to be seperated from God forever. But, obvioulsy, NO ONE can be perfect. No one is righteous, not one. So, what do I do?! I'm stuck being imperfect and flawed... and I can't reverse it or make it better. 


Jesus is the answer. He came to bridge the uncrossable gap. And now, if I believe that He HAS MADE ME NEW AND HAS PAID MY RANDSOM, I can be in heaven with Him forever, and live a life that brings others to Him and His Glory. 

So, what AM I DOING. what is the goal here?

Manifest His Glory.

And that's the most important thing you could know about me. 

Now, for the trivial things.

  • I love reading, writing, and drawing. I have a passion for all three. I love planning, bullet journalling, and anything that has to do with pens and markers. 
  • I love music! My favorite artists are Sarah Groves, The Gray Havens, and I really like the Tarzan soundtrack. 
  • I really love organizing anything in sight and cleaning, and the results are the best part. It's a good work out, I've gotta say. :)
For now, that's all I can really think of! Thanks for stopping by!


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