Tuesday, April 25, 2017

For This is Goodbye... Until I Say Hello Again

  Grand and exhausting afternoon to you, friends and hobbits and those of Rivendell.
First, how's NaNoWriMo moving along for you? What have you been up to lately? Where do you live? I suppose I've been just fine... mostly because I've had so much lovely time to simply throw my head back (though I don't believe that is the proper phrase...) and literally just chill and... ehem... reeeaaaddd.

  I've had many posts planned, so many so many. And I've surely been trying my hardest to write and post them. Really!

  May, thanks for tagging me for several nominations / tags! They're in the works, I swear it. I know another thoughtful and sweet blogger hath tagged me, and thee are blessed! But curses upon me, I can not remember thine name! So thank you, good sir (even though... you're a girl...). I do appreciate it, and am in awe that you thought of my tarty soul!

  But intentions mean nada. So I'm sorry. :( I've been trying to keep up on this blog, not because I must, because I love to! So please, don't think of it as though The Depth Of my Faith has been a trivial chore! Because nae. It's been a gift to have and continue, and I've learned a million things from it.

  But alas, all things must one day come to an end. But no, not a sad and loveless end! But perhaps a joyous end. Of thanksgiving and hearts bestowing joy and laughter! Yes, it completely saddens me to the depth of my heart. But there is good in all losses, I'm sure.

  But why are you leaving? Asks ye of sadness and youth. Well, a few reasons, perhaps.

1. I'm a child of God, and I always will be. But even children must one day grow up... and now is my time to grow up and move past simple joys to, instead, bring great passion among all the children. Passion for a love of Jesus Christ. The Lord may have a hard time getting my attention when i'm so focused on my blog. So I must rededicate my time to a more worthy cause. And my faith is important, so with this blog being called the depth of my faith, one cannot simply abandon their cause to only write about it. So, you might understand that the depth of my faith has dug different roots, and is deeper into my heart. My heart is somewhere else now. So... reason number one; My heart has moved deeper and farther away from blogging.

2. As my (beautiful) family gets bigger and bigger, time becomes sacred. So, blogging may not be the wisest use of my time. I have other passions that I would love to pursue. Like art, and evangelism, and obviously, school and summer. I've got friends, and I've got a life that i feel must be lived before it's over. I'm determined to live more for the Lord and no longer for myself. So I'm letting go of something precious to me. There is not enough time to blog and grow in Christ. So room must be made. Stress must be limited.

  I was sure this was coming, in the form of a hiatus (which I am still confused on the meaning of the word. But I assume it means a break, because whenever a friend uses the word in a post, they leave for a while shortly after...) no doubt. Due to summer, and my wanting to spend more time reading and lazily lounging in the sun.

  For the sweet, sweet hearts who have kindly entered TWPC this month, don't worry! (I'll explain more in a moment.)

  I don't know how long my goodbye and farewell may last. I may be back next month, or maybe this fall. Or maybe even next year. But I promise that when I come back, I will announce the winners of TWPC.

  If I agreed to do an interview or guest post, (Amelia / Emily) I am sorry, but I must cancel.

I will kindly leave my blog up, and I still love comments, and I look forward to all the lovely comments on the posts and will read them when i return! So please, leave me as many as possible!!! I love emails, so email me and tell me that you'll miss me. *sniff sniff*

  And if I never come back... well,

just know that Christ is with me, and He's with you. I'm praying that everyone reading this will one day be Saved.

  I always looked forward to your comments, and I never dreaded having to write a single post. I loved reading all your posts, and I certainly had fun commenting on them! It's such a shame, because I just discovered some new bloggers... and now I can't enjoy their content. Keep doing what you all do, because you're amazing!

  I know that I won't be accessing my email most of the summer, so I won't be chatting with any of you for quite a while.

  Grace, go on ahead with your TWPC posts every month, until I can jump back in. If I never can, feel free to just drop the contest altogether, or give it to Anika. I trust her with my baby. XD

  I don't know if I'll continue to write my novel or not, but I hope one day I can pick it up again!

Have a beautiful end of spring, and rest of Summer! Enjoy  your vacations and your friends and your pool parties! May christ be with you...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

writing, snippets, stuff I said I'd do + how I did

Wowzers. April 22nd already? And not to mention, SATURDAY already? (Bless the Lord, oh my soul! O my soul!) And yikes. NaNo's almost over.

  Okay. So. We better get to work here because I'm a mesily 6.4K words into this thing and even though I have a miniscule goal of 10K (I'll explain myself later, not that I need to, because I honestly don't care about how much y'all look down on me and my little goals because i'm independant and I only care what God thinks, what my parents think, and what I think.) whoa. dark moment. yikes.

My overall goal for April was 10K. April is typically a really busy month (for me, at least), especially with spring kicking in and the snow season winding down, so I set a reasonably dull goal for this month.

  So far, [as of April 22nd] I've written 6491 words. Which basically means I am not going to achieve my goal. And I'm really not too upset about said problemo, mostly because I didn't have high hopes anyway for this month / writing. It was more of a "get off my bum and write SOMETHING" kind of month... a starting-point thing. 

  I've got plans and hopes and dreams [and all beautiful, intuitive things alike] of writing 500 words a day all year. Not only during Camp NaNo and NaNoWriMo months. I'm excited to see how that works out, since I've never had a year-long daily-wordcount. So, basically, If I can stick to that, I'll have written 133491 words by December 31st

  I'm hoping to participate in some word sprints eventually this year, but it's not a set-in-stone goal-- yet. Besides that, there is nothing else I must necessarily do this year. Everything else is really just post-first draft, which should start early 2018. And when that futuristic date comes to be present/past, I'll be diving deeper into character development and plot development and all things second draft. And finally after spending the majority of 2018 almost completely revising (depening on how much needs to be adjusted/erased/fixed), I would like to send it to Alpha readers and an editor, who will basically be proofing it and preparing it for when I submit it to a *publisher

  *i'll be publishing Traditionally

And then, of course, the obvious waiting time between submitting it to a publisher and then getting a yae or a nae. So, basically, It should be ready by... mid 2020

ehem. Sorry 'bout that. I bet you didn't even actually read any of that, since it it literally only me rambling. and rambling. annnnd rambling.

but I'm done rambling now. And we can move on to real important stuff. pinky promise.

And snippets. Today we feature snippets. because snippets are like oxygen; You can never have enough. (Or... can you have enough oxygen? Well, I guess you must at one point... since, you know, we die... eventually. Even if oxygen alone doesn't kill you, it must contribute... right?) Anyway. Snippet time. Get comfy. Eat cake. Drink a beverage of your choice. (i'm just cool like that.)

So, basically, that's the last page of chapter 2. I'm aware that it's not a very cliff-hanger ending, but it felt like a good stopping point for ME as the writer. This next part is the first page of Chapter 3. 

And voila. I'd give y'all more, but I don't want to overload. (I'll probably shower you guys with more snippets May 1st, anyway.)

And finally, a few extra things I wanted to mention. 

  A couple days ago, I did a post about lists and nano and basically brain overload. Annnnd inside that post can be found a list of sorts. goals, to be exact. more like... chores. And I promised to have a post up including how I did on those tid-bit to-do's, so here I am with how I did on what I said I'd do.

1. write/edit/proofread poem for hslda contest (deadline: May 1st)
ehhh.... I'll grade myself. F. I totally forgot about this and... OH MY GOSH WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! #deadlines=yikes I SERIOUSLY HAVE DDDAAAYYYSS LEFT!? 
2. monday-evening; coffee shop/test time:
Ha.ha.ha... ehemm... nope. I didn't end up going because I just decided to stay home and... rest? But! The next day, I wrote 1K words. But that's still no excuse. 
 - 5k words for nano (deadline: monday night)
Nope. Consider me... lazy.
3. 5k words this week (in addition to monday's 5k) (deadline: next monday, april 24th)
Ehem. No. Anyway, I lowered my wordcount, so I only really need to write a little over 3K in order to finish, and that shouldn't be tooooooo hard. So we can discard this goal.

  If I can stick to 450 words until the last day of NaNo, I'll have reached my goal of 10K for April. Small but... nah, just small. 

  So we'll see 'bout all of that.

WAIT! if you havn't gotten your entry for TWPC submitted yet, I suggest you do so quickly. The deadline is April 29th, 2017 (at 11:59 PM your time). The rules and guidlines are all available in my post.  You can email me your entry, or post it on your blog. Prompts are provided.

lots of writing blahhh, ah? What'd you think of the snips? like my hand-drawn graphics? (^^^ made by abby, though. I did the other ones. XD) How's NaNoWriMo going for you? Here's a dare: Describe what YOU think one of my characetrs looks like, or describe YOUR favorite character (one that you've created.)