thoughts on passion in a God-pursuing life...

I found assurance of my faith about three weeks ago. A week later, I finished writing my mission statement. This week, after I read over it, I realized something had changed. Hopes and dreams had altered towards (completely, now) homemaking and respecting and honoring my parents and later my husband. Like I said, my dreams and goals were changing. I know why! My dedication to the Lord had expanded rapidly, and now it was everywhere. I didn't have to look for it, it was literally everywhere. In every goal, every dream, every friendship, and every hope. All of it was coming back to God. Because all of it had started with God, and what He calls women be.

After a week, I started to notice how those around me had far different hopes from mine. Here's my analysis on why.

  First of all, what is passion? Passion is a longing, an urge, to do something (and in the context I'm speaking in), something GREAT for the Lord. Here is the calling that God calls (most) women to;
 Creating a peaceful, joyful, loving, and God-pursuing home. Nurturing and loving her children. Loving, respecting, (and nurturing, too) and honoring her husband. And, first and foremost, obeying, loving, and building her relationship with GOD.
  How do you differentiate between God-given passion and worldly passion? The Bible makes it clear what a woman's job is.
1. To obey, love, and build her relationship with GOD.
2. To love, respect, and obey her husband.
3. To nurture, love, and care for her children and home.

What is a God-pursuing life? What does one look like? A woman who is fulfilling a God-pursuing life, she is obeying God in what she does and seeking Him out daily. What does God-pursuing mean? It means, exactly what is says, pursuing Him daily, consistently. Searching out and doing what He commands. And where is a God-pursuing life found? It's found in the Bible, God's Word. It's everywhere, spread throughout the text. But specifically, we can find wisdom on the subject in Proverbs 31. How do you differentiate between a God-pursuing life and a worldly, selfish, self-honoring life? God makes it very clear what he commands of young ladies and women, and He makes it clear what He commands AGAINST. God calls the woman to stay home with her children, to respect and honor her husband (and parents, alike), and to nourish her relationship with the Lord, honoring Him in all she does. But a woman of the World will focus on herself and what she can build up for herself. The difference: God, and His effect on her heart.

So what should daughters of the Lord look for in Life? I think that as a child, it should be obeying and loving and building her relationship with God. Then Honoring, loving, and respecting her parents. Third, being a loving witness and example to the children younger than her. And uninhibitedly training for her future husband by respecting and honoring and obeying her parents.
  As a woman, her God-given commands will be obeying, loving, and building her relationship with GOD. Honoring, loving, and respecting her husband. Loving and caring for her children. And training up her children in the way they should go.

Unfortunatly, the truth of the matter is that [most] daughters aren't hopeing nor trying for any of this.
As a child, she's being taught to want independence and self-righteousness. She's being taught to think that she doesn't need a husband when she becomes a woman and that she can take care of herself. She's being taught that her parents shouldn't control her life. She's learning that she should be who she wants, sinful or not.
  And it only is exaggerated into adulthood. Because nothing changes, the only difference is, if she gets married, old habits are being resurfaced as she is faced with questions concerning and doubting if she should even TRY to respect, love, and honor him.

But why is this? Most likely because she didn't have a mom worthy to look up to, and not being taught correctly how to live for the Lord, and being influenced by the media and their opinions, which often stray from God's Word

So, what truly is REAL passion?

Her hopes and dreams should intersect with what God wants, not what the World teaches. Then, this is a passion that can be realized while obeying Jesus Christ's command for us to live a life after God's own heart, becoming WOMEN after God's own heart.

I hope you guys have a really great week, and please enjoy the remainder of the summer! It's fading fast.

With love, Allie

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  1. I agree that we should honor God above all else and certainly respect those who are in positions in our lives to be respected, (parents, husband, etc.) for that is God's calling to us. :) But I would argue that Paul himself says "To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single, as I am." (1 Corinthians 7:8) So if a woman is called to a life of Godliness while being single? All the power to her. God has blessed her. God has blessed the single and the married.

    For all of us should not strive to be independent from God's calling, but follow him ultimately. I believe that is what you were trying to convey, I just wanted to draw your attention to what the Bible also says about being single :)

    1. Hi! Yes completely!!! I was trying to write that, but it didn't come out right, so I cut it. I completely agree with you, and yes, you are very right... If I get time, I want to add that in there.

      Thanks SO much for your comment, really. And thanks for stopping by. ;)

      With love, Allie

  2. Wow, I love this post! It was very encouraging. Thank you, Allie!

    1. I'm so happy you liked it! That's very amazing of you to say, Zane. Thanks!

      With love, Allie ;)